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Why Does My Lead Volume Seam Slow Right Now?

Couple things happen this time of the year.

The retail customer is distracted with other events. They search but tend not to pull the trigger because other events affect planning activities and larger purchases that involve scheduling.

We have kids getting out of schools and getting into other activities
- transition planning and summer celebrations
- getting the boat ready, opening up the summer place.. etc.
Then we have fathers day weekend
Then we have 4th of july rolling around the corner

All these events will affect the retail customers behavior and pull them away from remodeling activities.
Competition behavior - Everyone feels the tightening of the market, ride it out, some get more aggressive.

To combat this we have a couple ways to attract more of the available opportunities.

- Increase the perceived value of the offer(s) or - Increase exposure with more budget or - Increase the perceived value of the offer(s) andIncrease exposure with more budget
So its your choice to ride it out or to g…

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