Granite Website Online Strategy - Marketing FIRST Adverising Second.

The granite website online strategy outlines a process to take the mystery out of your advertising budget, takes the mystery out of where your new business comes from and help you plan and control your business growth with true statistics.

We call this the secret sauce.. not because its a secret, but most people have forgotten how to implement it

  1. Evaluate Competitive Advantages
    We have to figure out who you are. What your values are and how you want to communicate these values to your customers. We then compare this to the current market conditions and provide you with suggestions and ways to position your company to accent these values.

  2. We Build a Quality Website
    We interview you, we learn your business processes, we study your sales process and we LISTEN. Once we have gathered this information we are able to construct a website that is based on your values. We construct the website in a way that enables us to monitor the activity of the consumer on the website. This sight takes into account 15 years of industry experience converting website visits to sales.

  3. Monitor results
    We track every page and look at your website statistics constantly to ensure that the consumers we drive to a website are consuming your content. As we gather data on the user activity we make changes to the website to maximize the user experience and drive more business.

  4. Track advertising verticals
    We advertise online driving targeted customers by purchasing highly targeted keywords. This process enables us to test the effectiveness of positioning, message, promotion and conversion to new business from your website. With this process we are generating new business in the first days of the campaign. Now that we have proven messaging that matches with your business goals and is driving new business, we now can start to monetize other sources and drive consumers to track-able call to action. You should know how much business you generate from each vertical that you choose to advertise.. Why? because you want to back your advertising spend into a cost per sale. This will help you manage you ad spend to business generated.
Set it and forget it?
Will this be easy? No. Will it be Hard? No. Do you need to do it? Yes. Once you do you will see the power of building your marketing strategy before you advertise. You will see the power of spending wisely and the control you will have to grow your business and actually try new verticals and know that its working or not right away.. Does it not make sense to you to know what customers respond to before you write that big check for the TV spot or the radio spot or even if the late night cable buy actually drives more business than the Prime time block? It all comes down the numbers.

Case study:
Location: Suburban/Rural - Showroom
Market: 70 Mile Radius Target
2009 Visits:
Pages per visit: 3.5
Bounce Rate: 45%
Average Time on site: 3.05 minutes
Forecast Sales sales goal: 400k
Actual 2009 Results: 1.2 Million

These results we achieved by implementing the above strategy.

This sounds expensive right? We will interview you before any money changes hands, we bring our expertise to the table for Free and we make money when you make money. We have structured our program this way and call it a partnership because of this fact. We are so confident in our program that we guarantee your success.

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