Granite Sales Help

If the phone is not ringing we can help. This market introduces new challenges to the granite fabricators whose referral sources have dried up. Who’s Contractors have gone out of business and the kitchen shop that is just not bringing in the business any more.

If you have the ability to answer the phone and can move a retail customer through the process

We can help make your phone ring.

We have a full circle marketing program specifically for the granite fabricator that is ready to make the leap to retail or your traditional advertising is just not bringing in the number you want.

Our solution can be implemented in a few days and can take you from slooow to GO!

We have all the tools needed to craft a promotion to get your phone to ring.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

We Drive traffic to a website
We measure every phone call and every email submitted
We track this back to actual sales to provide you with real-time ROI.

No more guessing. Call today 603 617 3877


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