Granite is no longer alone in the spotlight - I SAY BULL

"Granite is no longer alone in the spotlight

The hot-selling counter material is seeing competition from glass, engineered stone and much more.

* Lava stone and other natural stones can provide a variety of looks, but, depending on the rarity, can be expensive.

Lava stone and other natural stones can provide a variety of looks, but,… (Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times)
September 17, 2011|By Mary MacVean, Los Angeles Times

To anyone reading the real estate ads in recent years, it could seem that granite was the only material worth using for a kitchen counter, as important as updated electrical or a reliable roof.

Granite isn't going anywhere. But many designers and homeowners are turning to glass, manufactured stone, metal and other materials to create counters that work for people who actually cook as well for those who see the kitchen as a decorative accessory.

This is another attempt by the quartz industry to try to lift themselves out of the comparison with lamanent countertops. The reason this guy has not put in granite has been due to personal preference and his own personal agenda. glass quarts and other materials that have to be keep together with another man made product is the issue that makes these tops less practical

Lava and other exotic stone are great alternatives if you have the $ to shell out but keep in mind that these exotic stones may pose other issues when it comes time for resale. personal preference on exotic colors can have the inverse effect on value.

Granite due to its beauty, strength and durability will remain as the most sought after countertops by home owners and home buyers. 90% Agree that granite countertops increase the perceived value of a home whereas only 15% feel that quartz increases the perceived value of a home.

Granite is no longer alone in the spotlight

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