National Granite Countertops Online Marketing Advertising Service

Attn: Granite Shop Owner,

Can you handle 10, 20 or 30+ more retail customers per month? We can help you grow your business in todays market.

We have hand selected you for this opportunity because from what we can see in your existing presence online and from your competitors that you show the most potential for success. We have generated over 5 million in sales for our partners last year and our goal is to increase that to 10 million this year.

Here are some examples of our current success:

“Granite Countertops Tampa” First page Google Yahoo and Bing
(averages 60 leads per month)

“Granit Countertops Orlando” First Page Google Yahoo Bing
(averages 30 leads per month)

“granite countertops phoenix” First Page Google Yahoo Bing
(averages 90 leads per month)

“granite countertops south carolina” First Page Google Yahoo Bing 
(averages 80 leads per month)

“granite countertops greensboro” First Page Google Yahoo Bing 
(averages 40 leads per month)

*all of these partners also have additional marketing services to achieve these lead volumes.

Our pricing models are very flexible and we are motivated to increase our national exposure with the addition of your business. We have a vast network of websites that move the consumer from various websites to view information about your business and we inform them of the specifics of your business before they contact you. These leads are NOT like the other providers where the lead knows nothing about you and 4 of your competitor are all going at the customer at the same time.
THESE ARE EXCLUSIVE LEADS! They are aware of your current promotions and work that you do before they become your exclusive lead.

So how much is it?

We have 3 models for you to choose from to best suit your needs. We have clients that do up to 80 installs per month on our programs. (Yes I said installs)
We work with you the way you feel most comfortable.

Option 1: Lead base is $20/lead. $199 Setup Fee
Exclusive Leads that actually are expose to your content prior to becoming a lead. This is half the price of the typical shared lead.

Option 2: Post Sale is 5% of the sale. $199 Setup Fee
We base this on a 10% lead conversion to sale target.

Option 3: Flat Monthly Rate $199/Month
You pay a flat monthly rate no matter how many leads you receive.
We are waiving the $199 Setup Fee for a limited time on flat rate programs.

We accept payment all major credit cards via Paypal or can store a card on file.

Goal Tracking

In order to measure the performance of the program we track every lead in an easy to use online tool and mobile website. You can manage your leads and track their progress through your buying process. This enables your team and ours to monitor sales goals in real-time. This is how you track your advertising and grow your business.
We do not stop there, once you see what our website can do for your business and the sales conversions we generate we can drive even more when you are ready. We have programs that cover all facets of internet marketing and have yet to run out of potential customers in any market.


We work with fabricators all over the US. We know exactly how to get to the first page in your local market for High converting keywords. We know what also can get us knocked of the first page. We are going to bring you this expertise. We are going to create a website for you just like the ones you see above. We are going to customize it to represent your business. We know of many ways to help position you in the market to drive more opportunities for sales.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied with our services in the first 30 days simply ask for a full refund. We have many very satisfied customers and we are looking for many more just like you.

Call 877 877 1916 or complete our interview form and we will get started right away! 

Additional services that are at your disposal:

Graphic Design
Brand Development
Logo Design
Website Design
Website Management
Social Media Marketing
Video Marketing
Local Business Marketing
Online Marketing
Online Advertising
Ad Conversion Tracking
Call Tracking
PPC Managment
Business Consulting
Promotion Development
and more... We are your virtual marketing department for the stone business.

Call 877 877 1916 or complete our interview form and we will get started right away!

Our mission is to provide you with superior products and services through our network of fabricators. We provide access to some of the best craftsman in the business. We help ensure that your experience with our providers exemplifies the Quality, Service and value that YOU expect. If at any time you have any questions please feel free to contact us during your granite countertop purchase and installation. Granite Countertops


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