New Beta Application- Stone color search

Stone color search

While I was doing my own personal search for stone. I found it hard to visualize a stone based on certain applications. Based on this experience I produced an application designed to help the consumer with the colors selection process.

Search -

This application works form all the defined colors that you provided with the original setup. This helps to move people into he specific colors you want to sell.

Image Display -

The images displayed are images swatches large and small kitchen bathroom other slabs and large swatch views. This is where this application picks up where all others leave off. Seeing the stone in various applications and sizes will help visitors narrow down color options and shorten times to receive deposits.

Favorites -

Visitors to the app can build a collection of favorite colors by hitting the big green + icon on the colors they like

Save & Share -
Visitors to the application can share and save colors by using the various icons on the share page. This is a collection of colors that the visitors has narrowed down.

Contact Form
Finally the visitor to the application can complete the contact form and this data collected will be sent to you directly from the application.

If you would like to add this feature to your social media or other website please contact me.

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