The New Instant Countertop Estimator

Instant Countertops Estimator

Easy to Use
Minimal Input required
Get Connected with local representative

Resize a top Click on a countertop piece and drag a corner to resize it.
Add a top Double click on the screen to add a new piece.
Standard cabinet depth is 24" - standard countertop width is 26".
The pieces do not have to be located in the right place for your kitchen, just represent each piece (up to 9 pieces). 4" backsplash is factored into the sf estimate automatically.

This instant estimator is to be used for ball parking only and an estimate from your local professional will be subject to them actually coming out to measure. This tool is to help you guage your specific kitchen and the price estimate associated to various stones, price points, as well as options. With any renovation not all aspects of the job may be avilable for calculation. For example typical state laws require that a licence plumber connect all plubing features unless it is the home owner. This can be an added cost that we cannot include in the estimate. Your instant countertop estimate will be shared with a local represenative when one is available. See terms and conditions for more details as well as the privacy policy concerning the collection and sharing of information used to collect and report on the data collected.

Our mission is to provide you with superior products and services through our network of fabricators. We provide access to some of the best craftsman in the business. We help ensure that your experience with our providers exemplifies the Quality, Service and value that YOU expect. If at any time you have any questions please feel free to contact us during your granite countertop purchase and installation. Granite Countertops


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