Custom Countertop Vendor Selection Process

Many factors go into selecting a vendor for your custom countertops. 

Countertop Quality

Quality is a difficult value to measure. Looking at photos of a vendors work will give you an indication of quality but be careful that the photos are actually of their work. Attention to details such as showing of seams and fabrication skills can give a good indication of the quality and care that a countertop fabricator will take with your countertops.

Countertop Price

Price is a reflection of your budget. Basically if you are looking for the cheapest price then typically other factors will be lacking. A fabricator with a very cheap price is not always the best option. To provide a quality product and attention to detail it takes resources. These resources cost money. You can get quality custom countertops at a great price but be prepared to sacrifice in some areas of customers service and service after the sale. Also your ability to prep the project and be involved can help reduce costs such as doing your own demo and removal of the current countertops.

Countertop Fabricator Reputation

Maintaining a good reputation takes work and if the fabricator has a good reputation online and with referrals then chances are they spend some resources on customers service and do what they say they are going to do. Managing and setting expectations is an important part of working with any vendor. Having a contract is an indication of a quality fabricator and this contract will clearly define what the fabricator will do for you through this remodeling project.

Countertop Referral

A referral from a reputable person where you can see the work of the vendor is a great place to start. You are a couple steps ahead of others when it comes to finding a vendor that has the potential to meet your needs. If you like the countertops and feel that the information about the experience from the referral sounds good to you chances are you will have a similar experience. I would still look at 2-3 more vendors just to be sure that you fell that the vendor is the right fit for you.

Our mission is to provide you with superior products and services through our network of fabricators. We provide access to some of the best craftsman in the business. We help ensure that your experience with our providers exemplifies the Quality, Service and value that YOU expect. If at any time you have any questions please feel free to contact us during your granite countertop purchase and installation. Granite Countertops


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