Microban protection inhibits the growth of microbes ...

such as odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. While Microban protection does not protect users from foodborne illness and is not a substitute for normal cleaning practices, it does result in countertops that are easier to clean and stay clean.
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What do expert scientists say about adding Microban to consumer goods?
Several noted microbiologists have said that adding Microban to many consumer goods is unnecessary, and some have even called it a "marketing gimmick."
Not only have experts said that the benefits of Microban are questionable, but many are also concerned that the wide-spread use of these substances may cause a major public health problem. Researchers are concerned that repeated use of products containing triclosan could be breeding resistant bacteria, or "superbugs." A 1998 Tufts University study showed that over-exposure created five different triclosan-resistant strains of E. coli. According to Tufts' Dr. Stuart Levy, "If the idea is to sterilize surfaces, it is misguided. You can't sterilize surfaces that are open to the air. You will not eliminate bacteria, but rather replace them with other micro-organisms which could be potentially harmful."
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