Granite Countertops, Top Choice for your Kitchen Countertops

Granite is by far the most beautiful and functional kitchen surface on the market as well has the highest perceived value of any other stone. The fact that every single stone is 100% unique, that no one else in the world has the same countertops adds instant value and presence to your home. Granite's rich textures and colors provide a wide array of options for your kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces. In a recent survey U.S. Consumers Overwhelmingly Prefer Granite Over Any Other Countertop Surface for their dream kitchen. when asked" which countertop surface they would most want in their dream kitchen?" At 55 percent, "granite countertops" 12% Solid Surfaces. Some compare solid surfaces to that of laminate countertops from a perceived value perspective when shopping for a new home. Ouch. When quartz costs as much if not more than some granite that's got' a hurt.

Granite Colors, being made from the earth has color variations and veining, no 2 pieces are alike and no 2 areas are alike. the more detailed usually means the more exotic and therefore the more expensive. When choosing your colors think in more simplistic terms first. Think about your cabinet color(s), your floor colors, and your wall colors. Think about what color countertops you have now and whether you want different or along the same lines. if your kitchen is dark you may want to go light with the countertop to focus on them but also to lighten the kitchen. Then you want to think about the texture. If your floor is very busy and you have floral wallpaper then you may not want to add yet busy another texture to the room.
Consult your sales person, but you may also want to check online or higher a designer to come to your home and provide you with some suggestions. Remember, this is all personal preference. You can have what ever you want in your kitchen but if you are ever thinking about selling in the future, some other opinions may be valuable to help you make the right choices.

Granite Option, when you are purchasing a custom countertop there is a lot to take into consideration as far as options. Think about your current countertop for example. Do you like the current configuration. Typically you have the surface that covers the top of the cabinet a 4 inch backsplash and the edges. You also may have a sink and other details you will need to take into consideration. Think about if you want a higher back splash or even a complete coverage to the cabinets. Think about the edge style as it applies to the style of your home. If you have a "carpenter" style kitchen a pencil round or a 1/4 round edge might be better than an Ogee which is much more detailed. these kind of options affect price but this is an investment and you want to make it work for your kitchen style. Ask the salesman these kinds of questions, if you like the answers you here great, But just remember most of this is just opinion and a matter of personal taste. Also remember most salesman are not designers.

Granite Process, once you are set on your new countertops you will have templating, fabrication and installation process to go through. this typically will take 5 - 10 or more days. Keep in mind that if someone promises less then they may be rushing things or not be very busy.. this might give you pause. think about your schedule and when you want things done and take that into consideration when picking your vendor. Remember it is your kitchen and it will be a disruption in your home. This should not be more than 1-2 days. If you are told that your kitchen will be disrupted longer that this make sure its for a good reason.

Granite Cost, Obviously granite is more expensive than your typical countertop. this again adds to the perceived value but it does make up for this cost when it comes time to sell and for the years that you will enjoy them. Cost vary from market to market so here is a tip when it comes time to start the process. Think of it like a serious operation. You always get a second opinion. Go to your local shop, with a ruff drawing of your kitchen countertop and don t walk out without quote. Get a second opinion, Go online and search for Granite Countertops base on your values, is it price, quality of service, value of options and choices. The internet is a great resource to help you find the right vendor for you or at least to help you be sure you are getting the right countertop for the right price with the options that you want.

Granite Care, Very easy to take care of. We are talking rock here right. Make sure its sealed when it arrives and talk to your salesman about maintenance. Typically apply a good quality sealer once per year. Monitor the stone closely for the first year for anything that may not be just right.


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