The Marketing System for the Local Stone Surface Installer and Fabricator

The Marketing System for the Local Stone Surface Installer and Fabricator

Professional Remarketing Group, LLC brings you!

When it comes to building your business on the Internet you have a lot of options. You may have already tried many of them with various levels of success. Let us quickly share why we feel you should consider our service;

#1 WE ARE NOT THE TYPICAL LEAD GENERATOR... We like to start out with this because the main reason that typical lead generation is flawed is that the consumer has no perception of your company before you receive their information. We don’t lump market you and your competitors together, which means all of the consumer interest we drive, comes exclusively to you!

#2 We help you define your brand and market position ... Our team has years of experience working in the Stone Surface fabrication and installation business world. Our team of professionals works with Granite Shops all over the U.S.!

#3 Building your brand ... We manage a web presence for you to ensure it reflects your current positioning and offers to make certain that when the phone rings the caller already has the knowledge of the products & services that you offer which translates to a much higher percentage that this customer is going to do business with YOU!

# 4 Costs ... We take a systematic approach to launching your business online, implementing all of the proven theories we collect from all of our partners to ensure that your go to market costs are as low as possible.
Our Markets are exclusive. When you sign up with FireUps® your Market is defined by your reach and the amount of new business you want.
Check out FireUps®.com to see some results from some of our most successful clients!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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