Granite Countertop Colors

Granite countertop slabs come in many different colors, sizes and textures. Granite is a natural stone formation and is mined from the ground. These natural formations have variations in color and texture due to the surrounding environment and the natural occurrences that created them many millions of years ago.

Granite being a natural product means that no 2 pieces or areas will be alike. This adds to the beauty of the product and the complexity of implementation. Granite is harvested from quarries all over the world. Most of the more common granites come from countries outside of the United States due to many factors but mainly the demand for the versatility of colors.

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  1. Granite countertop is now available in complete color collection. A proper Kitchen countertop gallery is available in market to built custom kitchens.

    Granite Countertop

  2. I just purchased Granite Countertops for my kitchen. I can not believe the transformation! It gives the whole room a new look, I could not be happier!


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