Granite Countertops Design Tips

I have provided some initial design tips for color selection and how to select a color previously so some additional design tips
Let’s talk about the back splash:
• Some like the look of the 4 inch and this is typical installation. Keep in mind that this will add square footage to you order that you may not have calculated on your own estimate
• Some link no back splash. This is a good option if you are going to do tile or something else later but you will want to use something to protect the sheet rock from water and cleaning products.
• Some will do right up to the cabinets. This can add significant cost to your project but may have the desired look that you are going for.

Granite Countertop Edges
• Some edges are typically included and many are not. The more elaborate the finish the more man power and time and the more the cost. So choose your edge wisely. You want the edges to reflect the style of your kitchen as well. If you have a modern style home typically lines are very straight and industrial where a pencil edge or a smoothed would accent these lines. Whereas a Ogee edge or something more elaborate would go better in a country style home or transitional where these details would accent the architecture of the home.
• Below are some example of typical edge styles

Granite Countertops Design Tips

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