What is the difference between stones

The main difference is the origin of the stone. This typically the different colors and textures come from different areas of the world. Also because of the different environmental factors you may have variations in the consistency of the store and the mixing of materials as the stone was being created millions of years ago. The more unique the stone and the more processing it takes to harvest the stone the more exotic and unique the stone will be as well as the more expensive it will be for you. Some stone are very hard and some are very brittle. This again is due to the environmental factors and the variations in pressure and materials consumed in the creation of the stone.

Products can vary in width and quality: granite can be purchased and installed in your home in 1cm 2cm 3cm or more. Most homes will have 3cm for countertops and 1 or 2 cm for shower and back splash walls. Some companies will offer overlays on existing countertops. Just keep in mind what is going on. If you have a Formica countertop you are putting a granite skin over particle board. Any moisture that gets to that particle board will change the surface between that formic and the granite or quartz. This will create weaknesses in the application that will soon show up as cracks and other undesirable features. This will also not add to the value and the longevity of this investment

What is the difference between stones

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